Kitchen Storage Ideas

Whether you have a large kitchen with plenty of space to be utilised, or a smaller kitchen which requires a clever arrangement, Optiplan Kitchens has plenty of advice on maximising your kitchen storage space.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Multi-use kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most popular features in the modern day kitchen, and whilst it’s great for preparing meals or even eating your dinner from, there is so much more that it can be used for. Make the most of the space available by asking your kitchen designer to incorporate built-in deep-set drawers that can store bulky pots and pans. Or even include open shelving which can display your favourite belongings and showcase your personality. The islands in our classic collections look stunning when styled with eye-catching tableware and ornaments.

Corners are your new best friend

You may think that corners are an awkward waste of space in a kitchen, but they provide so much more than you think. When you’re considering a redesign of your kitchen, opt for the internal swing-out drawers which display the entire contents of the cupboards, so you can easily locate what you’re after.

The sky’s the limit

You can even make use of the entire height of your kitchen by positioning floor-to-ceiling cabinets that would provide realms of storage space. You can store rarely used items at the top, with the more commonly used items within easy reach. Plus, tall cabinets will accentuate the height of the room and make your kitchen feel bigger. For example, our Roma collection has clean sweeping lines and a handleless design for a sleek yet maximising look.

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