State Secrets Revealed VE Weekend at Danesfield House

The last remaining ‘Bletchley Park staff member’ will reveal state secrets never told before! 

From Friday 8th through to Sunday 10th May, Danesfield House Hotel, formally RAF Medmenham from 1941 to 1977 will be celebrating their part of VE Day celebrations. Brimming with history this Thames side location between Marlow and Henley was once home to the Intelligence Section of the RAF. The unit specialized in photographic intelligence and was the ‘eyes’ to Bletchley Park’s ‘ears’. 

Weekend residents and lunchtime guests are invited to step back in time to RAF Medmenham in World War Two and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of the war and learn about the secrets of the house during wartime, view a gallery of pictures and artefacts from the photographic interpretation unit in a recreated display. Try to catch a glimpse of the elusive ‘Grey Lady’ ghost of the house too! A pass for a trip and Afternoon Tea to Bletchley Park is also part of the weekend package. 


The highlight will be 97 year old Charlotte ‘Betty’ Webb MBE, the last remaining ‘Bletchley Park staff member’ who will reveal state secrets never told before and talk about her book ‘Secret Postings.’ 

Five other leading authors of wartime stories and RAF staff, past and present will headline the weekend’s event schedule and each guests can purchase a copy of the last printed booklet ‘Evidence in Camera’ – a special edition publication produced by RAF Medmenham in 1945 to commemorate the end of the war. There will be a chance for questions and answers too! 


Paul Stewart MBE, Chairman of the Medmenham Association said, “Without RAF Medmenham we would have been blind to Nazi Germanys plans. The intelligence that was produced at Danesfield House was critical to our success in World War Two.” 

Michael Smith author of ‘The Secrets of Station X: How the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win the war’ added, “The way in which the work of the codebreakers of Bletchley Park was used to help find even more detailed intelligence at Danesfield House is one of the most fascinating untold stories of the war. This promises to be a fantastic weekend steeped in history.” 

Charlotte ‘Betty’ Webb MBE, commented, “I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to take part in this very important marking of the end of WWII. It will be so good to be in the building, which housed the RAF photographic intelligence personnel who played such a vital role in combating our then enemies and to meet the other writers. It is also a wonderful opportunity to answer questions from the public about the role of Bletchley Park (GCCS), which is said to have shortened the war by 2-3 years. Because there are only a few of the 10,000 strong team at Bletchley and its outstations who are still with us, now is the time encourage more interest in this unique contribution to our history, before it is too late.”